Who We Are

KDS’ proprietary software and services matches celebrities, influencers, sports teams/leagues, personalities and other brands with restaurants to create and scale new virtual food brands. We do so quickly and efficiently at very little cost.

KDS Origin Story:
A Winning Combo

KDS founders Jon Hung and Mike Jacobs already shared an appreciation of quality dining experiences when they began working together. A highly influential angel investor, Jon participated in a few of Jacobs’ previous companies, intrigued by Jacobs’ vision to invent new food tech by applying his data science skills. “Along the way,” Jon recounts, “we became friends.”

Borne of the difficulties the duo encountered launching a Delivery-1st restaurant, KDS now combines inventive tech, advanced operations and data to help both virtual food brands and restaurants.

The dining focus comes naturally to both partners. Jacobs’ family has been in the industry since the 1600s: he is a descendent of the famous Beigel family of Krakow, creators of….the bagel. And Hung’s family legacy spans from Asia across the globe, with many holdings in food and food services.

That multinational and enterprising spirit infuses the pair’s strategy for KDS. Mixing their expertise in data analysis, operations, finance and business development has resulted in a potent formula for success. And L.A.’s diversity ups the ante as a launch pad.

“A business, like a family, is richer when it combines strengths from multiple cultures,” observes Mike. “KDS benefits from families improving recipes over generations– thousands of years of iteration. Similarly, Jon and I would be friends even if there were no business. But we also spend all of our time together working!”

Jon agrees that KDS’ strength rests on the essence of family: a blend of work, play and creativity. “I’ve invested in so many startups, and this was the first time I could partner with an entrepreneur who had the same values and beliefs that I hold dear. We’re all about making the pizza bigger, not just grabbing the biggest slice for oneself.”