‘Virtual’ food brands are food products and dining menu items designed for and packaged in custom external branding, but prepared in existing restaurants or commercial kitchens, and distributed via delivery apps like Uber Eats or Door Dash.

Extend Your Brand,
Boost Your Revenue

Digital platforms changed consumer brands’ strategies. Forever.

Then Covid accelerated the growth of the Delivery-1st restaurant market, opening the door for brands to pursue stellar revenue opportunities.

Now KDS’ platform empowers smart restaurants + virtual food brands to grow bigger, better, faster….Together.

Virtual branded delivery food is the best new way to engage followers of your lifestyle, entertainment, sports and leisure brands.

We help your brand create popular food menus and quickly get to market. Fans can eat your food daily/weekly– and buy more merchandise.

Plus! your new delivery-first virtual brand menu offering can scale through any media territory.

ADD new revenue streams with high margin profits
GENERATE extensive media attention
TEST new restaurants, brand affinity, new food (for established chefs/product owners)
DELIGHT fans & followers
AMPLIFY brand & affinity programs
EXPAND sponsorship opportunities

All this comes with very little capital outlay at low risk. And we handle all the heavy lifting to execute with your KitchPartner restaurant.

Ready to start cooking with KDS?

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