Where I come from, Chuck E. Cheese pizza is a delicacy. When I was a kid, I always knew I could convince my dad to take me to that rodent represented, video game havin’, ball pit boastin’, animatronic-nightmare-stage-show-extravaganza because they had three key offerings; pizza, wings & beer.

I remember a friend of my brother’s was a manager at Chuck E. Cheese in high school. He also actually played the rat himself, but that’s a different story. Anyway, we used to have a scheme worked out where he would let us pick-up uneaten pies that were supposed to be thrown out. He would even take money on the low just so people could gain access to the pizza without paying for admission.

These days, those problems are but a thing of the past thanks to the #virtualkitchen. Virtual Kitchens are an innovative way for brands to create delivery-only restaurants that serve a newly homebodied (made that word up) population. Virtual kitchens…

⦁ Reduce prices for consumers congruent with a reduction in overhead cost for businesses.
⦁ Enable restaurants with small or gourmet menus a chance to thrive in a marketplace that they may never have been able to penetrate before.
⦁ Improve preparation and delivery time as the kitchen staff does not have to be concerned with dine-in or takeout.
⦁ Enable greater sustainability by maximizing current infrastructure and housing several brands under one roof.

Last year the still-lingering global pandemic flattened small business & restaurants all over America. According to Fortune’s Rachel King, 110,000 restaurants or drinking places closed in 2020. Meanwhile, businesses like Chuck E. Cheese’s were forced to parry into another form, enter Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings.

Pasqually’s drew a little bit of heat last year when people found out that they were actually getting food from ol’ Chuck and not some new Italian place in town. Apparently, according to Business Insider, people were outraged to find out that their food was from a Chuck E. Cheese ghost kitchen. Those people are wrong and we won’t speak of them again.

The fact remains that virtual or ghost kitchens are going to become a mainstay in the restaurant industry. Charities for the food insecure, restaurants looking to maximize their kitchen space & influencers/celebrities looking to take on a new investment with a mind for food are among the most interested in this new endeavor.

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