‘Virtual’ food brands are food products and dining menu items designed for and packaged in custom external branding, but prepared in existing restaurants or commercial kitchens, and distributed via delivery apps like Uber Eats or Door Dash.

Virtual Brands Are Big Business:
Get Your Cut of the Action

Covid and mobile ordering apps changed the dine-in restaurant world. Forever.

Don’t be left behind in the Delivery-1st era!

KDS’ platform empowers restaurants + virtual food brands to grow bigger, better, faster…. Together.

Incorporate virtual brands into your service mix for new revenue streams and better margins. KDS matches you with a brand that fits your existing product/ingredients and operations for seamless adoption and integration.

We bring you established brands with a large fan base excited to order their Virtual Brand menu from you. The brands not only market themselves, their agencies and fans promote, too.

FREE to become a KitchPartner—no hidden fees
FAST ‘N EASY —there’s no heavy lifting. We manage the entire roll out process soup-to-nuts, including training. You’ll be up and running quickly!
MAXIMIZE PROFITS —optimize your kitchen & staff by increasing efficiency, margins
SIMPLE MODEL —your costs are covered and you’re guaranteed profit in revenue share
PROMOTION ENGINE —both KDS and your Virtual Brand Partner get the word out
SUSTAIN GROWTH—virtual brands are evergreen and easily refreshed

Get cooking with us and start selling!

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